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Alexander Oligerov
the Russian Painter, Novgorod

Herewith I present you some examples from the collection of my new painting.
Each of them has got its own images which are brightly expressed and its own philosophic idea. Color, line and spot work for it in a laconic and exact manner. In general, the pictorial part of these paintings is built on my principal position, that an idea is an idea, but nobody can abolish beauty.

"The burned down manuscript"
2004 year, oil on canvas, 80 x 85 cm.

Alexander Oligerov represents his new Art-project "The dedication to unwritten verses":

It often happens that ingenious poems which we could have written are crossed out by life, but history would not permit subjunctive mood. In this project the author is trying to lift the veil of might-have-been events. Uncreated images and crossed out scraps of unwritten poems are sweeping past him like shadows. The artist, like an archaeologist, is trying to remove the topcoat of daily occurrence under which our dreams are buried. Take a good look at these paintings and you will hear the soft music of the might-have-been world.

"Parting", oil on canvas, 100 x110 sm, 2010 year

Here is my another project “Wings”
I paint the wing on each my new oil-canvas, but it is not a real wing of the bird or the butterfly. Every wing-painting has got its pair, but not a symmetric copy. It is quite an independent work different in color and in composition. Nevertheless it forms the relative pair for the first wing. By Presenting and selling of my “Wings” in different cites and countries I wish to acquaint the persons who has bought the wings from one and the same pair. And it proves that their souls either the relative ones or similar much.
And it means that above all the conventional borders and barriers there is an invisible but strong thread. This thread goes from the concrete person with one end and, thanks to anonymous, comes into the huge field of human culture with another end. I hope in these strange and conflicting days my idea and the painting-wing as well bring warmness in the soul of every person. The wing is the thing our flight, the flight of our soul does not exist. So, fly up over vanity!

“Wing of night butterfly”
2001, oil on canvas, 80 x 85 cm.

Here is a picture from the series "Color Dreams". View the entire series, please visit Alexander Oligerov's gallery at ARTSOPHIA SHOP

"Ikarus", oil on canvas, 100 x 110 sm, 2008

Many art critics and art lovers look through the albums, visit the exhibitions trying to understand the artist's world, to come into it, to travel in it discovering the secret places nobody knows yet. Everybody knows that this parallel for reality world is huge and the painting or the fresco is just a little opened window into that world.
At first sight the paintings of my project belong to the abstract art. But for the people who stops and watches carefully at them I open the window into that world wide with broad gesture giving an opportunity to see our world like the birds see it from the height of their flight. Yes, suddenly my paintings become the topographical maps or photos of fantastic beautiful and enormous in colour or in relief landscapes from the height of five-seven thousand meters. I offer You not only to travel but also to settle that world not with cars and plants, but with Your feelings, fantasies and mood. You would like to live in, give it Your name or the name of the person You love. Soon You manage to give the names for all the bays, the mountains and the rivers on Your map. You come into flora and fauna of that new world and then we realise that the settling is succeeded well.

A map fron Alexander Oligerov's project "Art-topography or the Parallel World"

Alexander Oligerov's oil-painting project «Asia from my childhood»

This collection of painting is created according to nostalgia memoirs and feeling of my childhood. It is touched with atmosphere and culture of east, with reflection of ancient civilizations. In my childish consciousness these feeling are kept as great and magic tales, which can in any moment become a reality and change my life. To be truth, this is a thousand and one more night of my far childhood. .

"The oriental express", 2003 year, oil on canvas, 87 x 80 cm.

Alexander Oligerov was born in 1965 in Kazakhstan.
In 1985 he graduated Donezk State Art College, Monumental Painting Faculty. In 1993 he graduated Art faculty of Russian State Pedagogical University in St.Petersburg. Since 1988 he has been participating in group and personal exhibitions. Since 1993 he is the member of Unesco's International Federation of Artists. Since 2000 he is a member of Russian Unit of Artists.
He teaches painting in Novgorod State University, being the senior teacher of faculty of the Fine arts and the Technique of Teaching.

In 2004 at the international festival of arts "Master-class" in St.-Petersburg thatleaded by M. Piotrovsky, the director of State Museum of Hermitage, Alexandr Oligerov has won the first prize and " the Cap of the master " in "The Best painting" nomination.
In 2006 Russian State Academy of Art has awarded him the silver medal of Russian State Academy of Art (for his pictures on the exhibition "250 years of Russian State Academy of Art). Oligerov’s pictures are in a collection of the State regional Novgorod museum. The state museum of the Academy of arts of Russia. In private collections, greatest of which, the collection of vice-president of corporation " Samsung " Mr. Li Gil Han (more than 40 pictures)

Selected exhibitions:
1994 — auction of Russian artists in «Pyramid Art Centre», Rochester, USA;
1997-1999 — personal exhibitions in «Stallen Gallery», Norway;
2000 — personal exhibition in «Crosna Gallery», Moscow;
2000 — exhibition in grand-hotel «Europe», St. Petersburg;
2001 — personal exhibition at university of Strasbourg, France;
1998-2000 — took part in international Festival "Master-class" in Saint-Petersburg;
1998-2000 — took part in International «Art Saloon» in Moscow;
2002 — personal exhibition in Russian Art Centre of Helsinki, Finland;
2002 — personal exhibition in «Paradise Gallery», Moscow;
2003 — personal exhibition in «Expo-88 Gallery», Moscow;
2007 — personal exhibition in gallery “BBK” Bielefeld, Germany;
2007 — International Art-Fair «Five Continents Artists Meeting», Atelier Grognard Rueil Malmaison (France);
2008 — personal exhibition in gallery “Gavart” Paris, France;
2008 — International exhibition, Graifswald center of art (Germany);
2008 — International exhibition «Bilding Bridges», Ensinada, Mehicale, Mexico (Mexico), San-Francisco, Los-Angeles (USA);
2008 — International exhibition «Art-Ladies», Los-Angeles (USA);

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